p Basics, methods and instruments of leadership
p Tasks and roles of effective leadership
p Situational leadership according to the level of maturity
p How to motivate and delegate effectively

p Leading with coaching skills
p Staff motivation by improved communication between employees and
p managers
p Appreciative staff leadership by means of transactional analysis
p Conflict and problem-solving methods

p To present successfully and convince through structure and presence
p Preparation, structure and concept of the presentation
p Take constructive feedback to body language, voice and contents and
p implement it
p Competent handling of pretexts and objections

p Social competence – The Key competence for your success
p Tuning in to others and truly listening to them
p The interplay between cooperation and confrontation
p The significance of nearness and distance in working life

p Critical Success factors for change management
p Tools for the analysis of the phenomena and rules of change processes
p Perceiving indicators of change in the relevant change phase
p Resistance and roles of relevant stakeholders

p Holding constructive conflict solving talks
p Diagnose causes and symptoms of conflicts
p Improve your cooperation and conflict ability
p Develop solution strategies for your own conflict situations

p Active time- and self-management
p Analysis of your own work organization
p Set clear priorities
p How to avoid “time thieves"

p Professional meeting techniques
p Hidden rules: Why so many meetings end without result
p Identify issues for discussion, and create action plans for important agenda
p items
p “Do′s and Don′ts" in the management of meetings

p The success factors of teambuilding
p Strengthen cooperation, motivation and performance
p From the person (self) to the group (we) to the task (that)
p Successful self-guidance in critical situations

p Management and moderation of groups
p Sounding Boards: communication platform between top executive staff and
p decision makers
p Strategic workshops
p Evaluation of staff surveys

Brigitte Hegemann

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