p“I got the necessary "Toolbox"
in order to fulfill my executive
function more effectively."
(Basics, methods and instruments
of leadership)

p“Perfect in training the content
as well as a wide variety of
exercises. I have learned a lot
and feel more confident now.”
(Critical Success factors for
change management)

p“Vivacious, authentic, open,
superior yet natural, knows how
to explain well, listens actively
to participants.”
(Social competence – The Key
competence for your success)
p p“Very interesting and stimulating
way of teaching. One of the most
positive workshops I have ever
(To present successfully and
convince through structure and

p“Was good, dynamic, motivated,
with a lot of fun – I look forward
to learning more.”
(Holding constructive conflict
solving talks)
p“I’m positively surprised by the
diversification of methods. The
trainer knows how to integrate
the requests of the participants
without neglecting the target.”
(Professional meeting

  p“Excellent competence, structure
of the training was logical, very
close to daily practice,
interactive with all participants.
The structure was reflected in
the content of the training –
function of a role model.”
(Leading with coaching skills)

p“Role model for the group,
excellent competence for
presenting contents, pleasant,
sincere, has built fruitful
relationships with the
participants and created a very
positive training environment.”
(The success factors of
p“With your friendly and open
approach you have contributed
greatly to the success of the
(Moderation of an international
conference in English)
  p“The content of the seminar was
very well designed and
successfully implemented in
practice. The working group and
the open atmosphere have made
the two days very entertaining
and educational. Varied seminar
with tips and tricks for everyday
(Active time- and

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